Compulsive gambling is a gradual ailment that begins as a hobby and ends up destroying the gambler and his/her family. Gambling addiction affects the mind, body, and spirit. Denial is a major symptom of this addiction, as is a loss of control. With age comes a tendency to take bigger and bigger risks.

Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) affects between 1 and 10% of people in Europe and North America. One in ten people will struggle to control their gaming and suffer negative consequences as a result.

Internet gambling has become one of the most significant changes in the gambling environment in the last 15 years. Internet gambling, including mobile gambling, is rapidly expanding and changing the way gamblers interact.

It’s a disease like alcoholism that can’t be cured, but can be arrested. Gambling addiction manifests as an overwhelming passion that pervades all aspects of the gambler’s life. Gambling addiction is characterized by the inability to stop gambling despite negative consequences.

To Change?

You may be ready to set goals if you consider a change.



This service expands the range of services available to address problem gambling. It enables Australians who are unable or unwilling to access face-to-face services in each jurisdiction to access online counselling and information services.

What charitable organizations can you contact if you believe you have a gambling problem?

Being responsible when it comes to gambling entails knowing whether or not to participate, how to participate, and how much money to spend. The programs listed below can help you develop a responsible strategy so that gambling remains a pleasurable and risk-free activity for you. The following online resources are free to you or anyone you know who is displaying some of the warning signs of compulsive gambling. If you believe that things are getting out of hand or that you are losing control, please seek help from one of these options. Each of these websites has a link in the footer of every page on our website.


GamCare, a charitable organization, has emerged as the preeminent source of professional counseling, guidance, and hands-on assistance in this area in order to mitigate the negative effects that gambling has on society in the UK.

GamCare’s attitude toward gambling is one that is not judgmental. They hope to accomplish the following: A better understanding of the effects of gaming on society Encourage gamblers to take part in the activity responsibly. GamCare is in charge of running a network of face-to-face and online counselling and support services, as well as the national telephone helpline for anyone suffering from a gambling problem.

Visit GamCare to learn more and to take advantage of their excellent and completely free Self Assessment test.

Keep an Eye on Your Bets

The Responsibility in Gambling Trust is an independent charitable organization that provides funding for responsible gambling treatment, research, and education. Gamble Aware is managed by this organization.

Visit the Gamble Aware website as soon as possible for free, confidential problem gambling counseling, support, and advice. You can also talk to a professional at any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

Please only adults.

Please be aware that in order to open an account with any of the online gambling companies or bookmakers, you must be at least 18 years old. In the event that they exercise this authority, they have the right to request paperwork demonstrating proof of your date of birth.

There is also the possibility that some will use third-party programs to verify whether or not the date of birth you provided in your account application is correct. To avoid exploitation by anyone under the age of 18, you should always keep your User Code, Password, and Credit/Debit Card information private.

Citizens of the United States will not be able to open accounts with any of the online gambling sites listed on our website; however, we do offer a version that is tailored to the US market, and you can visit that website to learn more about the Responsible Gambling programs that we manage. This website only promotes casinos and other gaming establishments in the United Kingdom.

What is RAIG, exactly?

“Responsible Affiliates in Gambling” (abbreviated as “RAiG”) is the name of an independent organization whose primary mission is to raise the standards associated with responsible gambling in the gambling industry.

The organization was founded in May 2019, and joined in January of the following year. A rigorous audit was conducted in order for the website to be authorized as a member. Moving forward, the company will work with other leading affiliate companies in the gambling industry to create a safer gambling environment for customers.

But what exactly is an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money by promoting a third party’s goods or services in exchange for a commission., for example, earns money from the bookmakers we recommend on the site by increasing traffic to those bookmakers’ websites. It’s as simple as that. If you click a link to a bookmaker on our site and then open an account with that bookmaker, the bookmaker will pay us a referral fee.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing and our parent company, Moneta Communications, by visiting this page on our firm’s website. Moneta Communications has more than 14 years of experience in gaming affiliate marketing.

Please keep in mind that gambling should only be done in moderation.