Gambling addiction can affect anyone, even casual gamblers. It’s crucial to keep vigilant since recognizing hazardous behavior in your game is the first step toward getting quick help. If gambling is taking over your life, it’s time to stop.

The criteria for recognizing gambling disorders differ from one organization to the next. The following warning signs have been highlighted by the UK Gambling Commission:

  • Inability to regulate or quit gambling.
  • Constantly thinking about gambling.
  • Raising the stakes to get people more excited.
  • Defying the odds in order to reclaim lost funds.
  • Trying to get more money to gamble with despite the fact that you’ve already borrowed a lot.
  • Disinterested in activities that bring you to delight in general, such as family time or hobbies.
  • To conceal gambling addictions, tell lies to loved ones.
  • Gambling jeopardizes relationships and other responsibilities.
  • Anger, remorse, and depression are among the increased unpleasant feelings.

Remember that these are only a few symptoms and that you should consult a doctor for a complete diagnosis. However, if you believe you have a gambling problem, talking to someone is the best way to proceed. The following section is a list of organizations based in the United Kingdom.

A resource list is provided to help individuals who are overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. Many organisations provide self-assessment tests to determine whether or not you are hooked.

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Even if learning that you or someone you love has a gambling addiction is painful, it is treatable. For those in need of aid, there are a number of skilled specialists in the UK that know how to help those with gambling problems.

If you or a loved one requires immediate support, call the National Gambling Helpline at 0808 8020133. GamCare, the UK’s leading expert on compulsive gambling, operates the freephone. You can also have a live conversation with an Adviser.

In Addition to GamCare, You Can Get in Touch With:

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is a self-help organisation for compulsive gamblers. You can also talk to other compulsive gamblers in the chat room and forum. Their assistance is completely free.

BeGambleAware: BeGambleAware offers free materials for recognizing and controlling a gambling issue. It also gives suggestions for staying safe when gambling.

Gambling Therapy provides residential treatment programs as well as multilingual online support groups for gambling addicts. There are also forums, live chat, email, and self-help tools.

GAMSTOP: You can self-exclude from all UK online casinos and applications with GAMSTOP. The webpage has a complete list of GAMSTOP operators. Fill up your email address in the registration form and confirm it. You can choose to self-exclude for 6 months, a year, or five years. Your self-exclusion will become effective 24 hours after you sign up. There is also information about emotional and financial support.

Seek the help of a clinician who specializes in the treatment of compulsive gambling and other diseases. Outpatient therapy are available in a variety of settings.